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| OPEN/ TUE-FRI: 11-6pm, SAT: 9:30-5:30pm |                                                                                     FAMILY OWNED SINCE 1968     |     10500 Marty St, Overland Park, KS 66212     |     913.341.5330


The Blaze 106 is a light, agile powder ski that is constructed with maneuverability in mind. The thin Titanal Binding Platform underfoot harnesses power with little effort, creating an incredibly enjoyable and dynamic turning experience, immediately from initiation. In narrow terrain and/or rough conditions their reaction time is impressive, especially for a powder-width ski. Their full length Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore and overall design target short-turn-oriented skiers, but the sidecut’s three radius technology adapts to most every riding style. In addition to ripping around the resort, the Blaze 106's also transition into capable freeride touring skis because of their lightweight, yet powerful nature. With the addition of the Suspension Tip, a rubbery, shock-absorbing material on the tip and tail edges, the Blaze 106 rides high through pow, crud and wind buffed snow with playful power.

Three radii in one ski for maximum TURNING & SPEED VERSATILITY IN ALL MOUNTAIN SKIING LONG TIP & TAIL RADIUS Usage of long radii at tip and tail for big turns and high speed // easy steering and maneuverability // disruption resistant at the tip // no radius limitation and ease of turn exit TIGHT CENTER RADIUS Usage of shorter radius in the center for short turns and lower speed // extremely easy to initiate short turns // strikingly agile // effortless and smooth in short turns

R1-Tip, R2-Waist, R3-Tail
Without Binding
165 (R1) 29, (R2) 14, (R3) 23 146_106_128 1593 g
172 (R1) 33, (R2) 16, (R3) 25 146_106_128 1660 g
179 (R1) 36, (R2) 17, (R3) 28 146_106_128 1710 g
186 (R1) 40, (R2) 19, (R3) 30 146_106_128 1828 g