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 Indulge in the perfect blend of comfort and performance with the Women's Midweight Ultra Merino Wool Thermal Pant. This mid-weight thermal pant features a duo-layer construction, with a fully synthetic inside and a Merino Wool blend face. The bi-layer design creates an air pocket between the layers, providing superior insulation and thermal regulation.

The synthetic backside of the top efficiently wicks away sweat and moisture vapors, ensuring dryness and comfort throughout your activities. Merino Wool, renowned for its exceptional thermal regulation and odor control properties, is blended with nylon for added durability.

Whether worn on its own or paired with the Ultra Merino Scoop Neck Top, the Women's Ultra Merino Pant is your go-to choice for optimal warmth, breathability, and functionality. Embrace the natural benefits of Merino Wool and elevate your outdoor experience with the Women's Ultra Merino Pants.