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The 60 Liter Atomic Duffle Bag is perfect for skiers and professionals who need to carry a fair amount of gear. The capacity is big enough to handle a ton of ski and related gear, while the usability of the pack is perfect for skiers and professionals of all ages and sizes. The most interesting thing about this duffle bag is the fact that it has an upright nature. With padded shoulder straps, you'll be able to use it like a backpack while holding 60 liters of goods. From boots to helmets and all the related accessories, you'll love the bags ability to make all of your gear disappear into its depths. Skiing is a difficult sport even when you're already at the resort, but getting to and from the lifts is an entirely different story. Sometimes you luck out and get a great parking spot, but for the most part, many of us have to walk a pretty good distance. As a result, having the bulk of your gear on your back and your hands free is a huge advantage. If you've got kids to contend with, they probably need a bit of help as well, and that's where the hands-free aspect of the Atomic 60 Liter Duffle Bag comes in handy. Small details such as a water and stain resistant fabric on the outside go a long way in making this a refined and polished product. The tip and side handles are great alternatives to the shoulder straps and the internal pockets add a bit of flair to the otherwise normal duffle bag.